A la recherche de candidats
Recherche d'un chargé/directeur de recherche CNRS
The Osteo-articular Bioengineering and Biomaging (B2OA) seeks applicants for a CNRS researcher in bone tissue engineering. B2OA lab is a research department of the CNRS Department of Science for Engineers (section #28) and is affiliated with the Paris Diderot University and with the veterinary school at Maisons-Alfort (ENVA). Its research activities are focused on innovative strategies for the diagnosis, surgical treatment and rehabilitation of patients with bone-related orthopaedic disorders resulting from trauma or degenerative diseases.  
We wish to continue to strengthen our research in biotherapies for the repair of large bone defects by recruiting a CNRS researcher (through the CNRS competitive admission process*) skilled in either Stem cells Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering, or related fields. 
(*) CNRS researchers, which are civil servants, are recruited through a competitive admission process, or « concours » based on qualifications and research experience. For further information, please see the CNRS website link
Please contact either B2OA lab at b2oa@univ-paris-diderot.fr or directly Hervé PETITE, head of B2OA lab at herve.petite@univ-paris-diderot.fr 

Recherche d'un.e étudiant.e master 2
Le B2OA est à la recherche d'un étudiant en Master 2 pour le développement et l'évaluation de méthodes de CT spectral pour la détection précoce de l'arthrose. Merci de consulter les offres de stage.